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You do not recieve/pay any funding cost when holding these futures, but it is usually the case that the futures trade at a premium to spot Bitcoin. 2. Basis risk: in my P&L calculation above, I assumed that the price of XBTUSD remains equal to that of spot Bitcoin. Shorting XBTUSD is a risky proposition, but you can neutralize this risk by going long spot Bitcoin. Just like in the XBTUSD case above, you will want to deposit your spot Bitcoin on BitMEX to avoid your short being liquidated. Where P is the average premium at which XBTUSD traded over the BitMEX Bitcoin reference rate in the last 8 hours. Once verified, however, most withdrawals (90%) are made in 24 hours or less. Plan to trade during the same hours every day. The support service of the Quotex is available every day with lightning-fast replies so that any user wouldn’t miss their trade because of any confusion.

3. Sell your Bitcoin exactly at the final settlement price of the future i.e. sell it TWAP over the window 11:30-12:00 UTC on the expiry day. This is a somewhat reasonable assumption, given that the funding mechanism anchors the price very closely to the value of BitMEX’s .BXBT index, and that index is derived from quotes on two reputable exchanges that do not use Tether, but it’s not impossible to imagine that the two might become disconnected, leaving you less than perfectly hedged. In addition, Smartbroker offers you the opportunity to trade international stocks on the respective home exchanges. You also have the opportunity to sign up for a demo account without time restrictions. Maybe it’s time that I start leaving one star reviews for these apps that have random popups nagging you to leave a review. Important update: Olymp trade has increased the number of tradable assets from only 13 to 77. This makes Olymp Trade comparable with their competition and makes it a very interesting broker to start trading. Tour extensive trading resources and education tailored to the needs of individual traders and designed to help position you for success. However, this is a best-effort process which CryptoFacilities does not guarantee the success of, so if the system fails due to e.g. thin markets then you may have your own position closed out at an unfavourable price and with no recourse.

Despite the fact that your account has no net P&L and so is not at risk of defaulting, BitMEX will nonetheless close out your Bitcoin short, leaving you unhedged against a Bitcoin price drop. The trade execution is out of my experience very fast. Your feedback helps us to improve our platform and provide you with the best trading experience tailored to your needs. Reviews state that the platform is easy-to-use and reliable for traders of all levels. Others may be the result of traders actively seeking to close high-rate loans early and replace them with cheaper financing – an effect I do not try to account for in my backtest. Historically, it has been common for the weekly future to trade at a 1-2% premium to spot, and the quarterly contract frequently traded at a premium of 10-15%, so this trade has had annualized returns of 60-70%. Unfortunately I don’t have any backtest results to share with you here because it is not presently possible to get price data for expired contracts from the CryptoFacilities API (according to their support team they do plan to add this feature, but there is no ETA for this).

If this happens, your short Bitcoin futures position will have significant negative P&L that will be offset almost completely by positive P&L on your altcoin futures short. Margin call risk: you cannot deposit your long altcoin position on BitMEX to use as margin, because BitMEX only accepts Bitcoins as collateral. The MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator that technical analysts use to show the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. If so, do NOT login with an account which has administrator privileges, and apply strict NTFS permissions to the folder you use for file sharing and keep it well away from any personal data. On July 5, 2023, Meta’s Instagram released “Threads” — an online social media and social networking service offering users the ability to post and share text, images, and videos, as well as interact with others and join public conversations through posts, replies, reposts, and likes. This final strategy is a simple variant on the “BitMEX hedged short futures” strategy above, but adapted to CryptoFacilities, a FCA-registered and London based exchange offering futures on the XBT/USD, XRP/USD and XRP/XBT rates. As well as offering the XBTUSD perpetual swap, BitMEX lists traditional futures which settle at expiry to the Bitcoin USD price.

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