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As the very first of its kind in Dubai, Cyclo oil is an environment saving venture for
reclaiming the waste oil back to use. The heart and art of the very system operates on
adopting a safe and advanced technology on all levels of processing. Thus reducing the
harmful effects of hazardous waste on the environment and saving the eco system in
every sense.
A non-compromising technical input and an efficient management system has enabled
cyclo oil to operate a massive 72 MT/day Used engine oil recycling plant. The care and
attention that goes into every detail of the collection, processing, storage, disposal and
distribution is set on the benchmark of international standards.
Working in partnership with Dubai Municipality, Cyclo oil is aware of its responsibilities
and is committed to producing high quality products that are ready to use.

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Set up on the ideology of eliminating hazardous elements of waste oil, Cyclo oil is a pioneer in recycling engine used oil in Dubai with its technically advanced Re-refinery plant and 100 % eco friendly operating system. With its base in Dubai, the organisation is owned and initiated by the Sultan Group.
Cyclo oil targets appropriate collection of used lube oils, to recycle it and bring out products that can be used as first grade products. This is achieved by the highly proficient refining and storage facility along with Computer interface Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

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Eco friendly approach to all activities involved with the recycling procedure.
Create awareness about the hazards of such waste oil.
Produce high quality lube base oil.
Be a leader to pursue innovations
Look out and extend to worldwide opportunities.
Always be technically advanced to keep in pace with the international standards.

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To be the best oil re-refining company in the Middle East in terms of technology,
product and innovations.
To be the major supplier of recycled products worldwide.

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